Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  Do you do swaps?

A  No, we do not do swaps, but we do accept trade-ins. Let us know what titles you have that you would like to trade in and we will offer you a rand amount for your games which you can use as in store credit to purchase other games, consoles or accessories with.


Q.  I want to upgrade my PlayStation 3 to a PlayStation 4.  Will you take in my PlayStation 3 console and I pay in the difference?

A.  Yes, we will give you an offer for your console/s and only pay in the difference for your upgrade.


Q.  Do you fix consoles and remotes.

A.  No, we do not repairs consoles and remotes but we can you refer you to someone that can.


Q.  I want to purchase a console but can only pay at the end of next month. Can you keep the console for me until then?

A.  We, unfortunately, do not hold onto consoles.  You are welcome to make a deposit to secure the deal and we will reserve the console for you till full payment is made.


Q.  If I purchase a console, do I get any kind of warranty with it?

A.  Yes, we offer 3 months  warranty on all consoles purchased. If there are any issues with the product, we will get the issue fixed at our expense.


Q.  Where is your shop?

A.  We are based at Shoprite Centre, Bothasig Mall, Cape Town. We also have an online store, so games can be purchased online and couriered to your front door.